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Nate Morris Speaks to Global Audience on Entrepreneurship

The Morris Industries and Rubicon Founder Addressed International Republican Institute Members from All Over the World on Leadership and Making a Difference

Lexington, KY, Oct. 09, 2020 -- Speaking today to a global audience, Nate Morris, the founder of Morris Industries and Rubicon, told members of the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Women’s Democracy Network that there has been no better time in history to be an entrepreneur than today.

“This is the greatest time in the history of the world to be an entrepreneur,” Morris said. “Technology has made everything more scalable, cheaper, and given people around the world the opportunity to build their dreams at just a fraction of the cost from years ago. For us, in establishing Rubicon, the timing was perfect.”

Almost a decade ago, Morris, a native of Kentucky, used a $10,000 line of credit to create Rubicon, a global software company focusing on the waste and recycling industry with a current market value well in to the billions. Citing his working-class background and Kentucky roots, Morris spoke to IRI members about leveraging challenge as opportunity and the importance of finding your own entrepreneurial niche.

“I believe the how is not the most important aspect of doing anything” Morris said. “It is ‘the why.’ I stumbled upon a challenge as a student that most of the revenue in the waste and recycling industry was generated by putting waste into landfills. I asked myself, ’Why are we doing this?’ That ‘why’ was the catalyst.”

The International Republican Institute advances democracy and freedom across the globe. It links people with their governments, guides politicians to be responsive to citizens, and motivates people to engage in the political process.

“WDN was excited to feature a conversation with Nate Morris,” said Valerie Dowling, director of the IRI’s Women’s Democracy Network. “Our network is committed to showing how an entrepreneurial mindset can spur solutions that advance women’s economic and political empowerment, and we’re very pleased to engage successful entrepreneurs like Mr. Morris who can share their experiences.”

IRI is the premier international democracy-development organization. The nonpartisan, nongovernmental Institute has performed high-impact work in more than 100 countries since 1983 — in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East and North Africa — and currently has offices in 40 countries worldwide.

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