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  • Nate Morris

Our Greatest Asset

When I founded Rubicon® over a decade ago, I wanted to build a company with the right values. Central to this was my unwavering commitment to Rubicon’s employees.

I knew then as I know now that maintaining a positive, safe, and rewarding environment for our employees would be a critical element for success. My position was not without detractors, as many observers have tried to convince me to cut corners when it comes to our employees and our culture.

I am a firm believer that every investment you make in your team will benefit your customers and shareholders ten times over. That is why we have worked hard to offer the kind of benefits that show our employees they are truly valued—including fully paid healthcare premiums (medical, vision, and dental) for all full-time employees and their dependents; generous compensation and bonus packages; 401(k) matching; the ability to work remotely; unlimited vacation for qualifying employees; best-in-class maternity and paternity leave; work sabbaticals; short-term and long-term disability insurance; life insurance; affinity group participation; discounted pet insurance; and a lucrative patent and creative idea incentive program. We have also located our headquarters in a building that is connected to public transportation, and we pay for employees’ mass transit to and from work in order to encourage them to minimize their carbon footprints.

It is my honor to announce that Rubicon has been officially certified as a Great Place to Work® for a third consecutive year. This certification, along with Rubicon’s continued Certified B Corporation status, means more to me than any industry or professional award. It is an official recognition of the work we do to ensure that we take great care of our people just as they take great care of our customers.

Being officially certified as a Great Place to Work for three years in a row is something many companies aspire to, but few achieve. In gaining this certification, Rubicon joins Fortune 100 companies as broad and diverse as Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) and Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) in redefining that designation.

My goal every day I come into the office is to ensure that working at Rubicon is a rewarding experience for every member of our team. I could not be prouder that Rubicon has again been recognized for those efforts. Rubicon continues to be a great place to work.


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