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  • Nate Morris

Rubicon named Great Place to Work® for Fourth Year in a Row

As the founder and CEO I am so proud to announce that Rubicon, has been certified as a great workplace by Great Place to Work® for the fourth year in a row.  Ninety-one percent of our employees are proud to tell others they work here. Ninety-four percent feel good about the ways we contribute to the community, and 94% believe they are treated fairly regardless of race. Ninety-seven percent of our employees believe we have special and unique benefits, highlighting our 100% employer-paid healthcare benefits. I have been an advocate for investing in our benefits package from the very beginning, and we are glad to let the free market do its work. Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace trust. Their Trust Model™ has been used to interview employees for 30 years about what maters to them, how they feel about where they work, and whether or not they trust their employers. On average, 59% of employees at American companies believe their workplaces are great places to work, but at Rubicon that number is over 85%. What these numbers tell us is we are on the right track with how we recruit and retain top talent, and the benefits and opportunities we offer. This tells us that all of the hard work we put into how we manage and train our employees and leaders is paying off, and that our commitment to workplace culture is showing tangible dividends. Since the very earliest days at Rubicon, I have fought for employee benefits and strived to build a culture where people genuinely felt they were valued as employees and partners in our mission to end waste. This great honor makes me so proud of the work we have put in, and makes me convinced the best is yet to come for Rubicon.


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