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  • Nate Morris

This Presidents' Day

There was no one like George Washington. The man who led America through the war of her birth as General, and through her first tumultuous years as President now has a monument and an entire city, our nation's capital, named after him. Presidents' Day began as a celebration of Washington's birthday, but in recent years has come to celebrate all United States Presidents, past, present, and future.  

This year, on Presidents' Day, while our future may be uncertain, we can look to the past for inspiration and hope as we celebrate the long history of America and her Presidents.  

Unlike many nations in the world, we, as Americans, have the privilege of choosing our leaders from among us. Our Presidents are citizens, as we are, and they serve at the pleasure of the people. Whether we agree with them or not, like them or not, they are unique and special because we have chosen them. Washington represented what the Founders had in mind: politics is about service and serving the country, not a career.  

Washington, chosen because of his success in the revolutionary war, famously stepped aside when his time was done, making way for other men to lead and setting an example that America would have no dictators as leaders, just citizens chosen from among the people. This put America on a clear and certain path to democracy. For better or worse, our Presidents are people of their time, chosen by us, and they are great because we are great. 

Join me in celebrating George Washington and all Presidents this Presidents' Day. 


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