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  • Nate Morris

Trick or Trash: Kids Caring About Their Waste

Halloween is a fun time for grown-ups and kids alike, but one problem we all share is what to do with all of those candy wrappers. Fun-size candies are great for handing out to kids (or eating yourself), but the end result is more waste that could end up in our landfills.

More than 600 million pounds of candy are sold each year at Halloween, and most curbside recyclers do not take candy wrappers. So all of those wrappers usually end up in landfills. While this Halloween will be different because of COVID, we offer a solution to that historical waste challenge.  At Rubicon, we are dressing up our mission to end waste, in all of its forms as a Halloween surprise, and working with schools and businesses around the country to find a more sustainable solution for our environment. Participating schools and businesses order one of our special recycling boxes, fill it up with all the candy wrappers they want, and then use the pre-paid shipping label to return it. We take care of the rest, and ensure Halloween trash goes to a dignified end instead of being entombed in a landfill for all eternity. Learn more about Trick or Trash.


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